The Taming of Lions

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What if the key to your future was to unlock the secrets of someone else’s past?


"I was once a lion tamer...Or was it that I herded sheep?" Is the burning question etched in Charlie Gates's mind. For a man who forgets things so easily, he seems to have an easier time recalling memories of a life that wasn't exactly his. Or was it? Struggling to piece together his forgotten past, he ends up befriending Edward Barrett, a young man who needs a little help of his own —but with his future. Through the bonds of an unexpected friendship, crossing several generations of past and present time, the two men learn that sometimes fiction, although not always real, has the power to expose the most truth.


Readers of Water for Elephants and The Notebook are calling The Taming of Lions 'an inspirational and thought-provoking read!'

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The Chase: The Anniversary Edition

Does growing up mean growing apart?


Emma Jensen considers herself a simple girl—a simple girl who focuses on the things that matter: the family farm and her best friend, Logan.

But when her parents decide to stop homeschooling her so that she can enroll in public high school, Emma's world suddenly gets turned upside-down.

Forced to discover the world outside of the farm, Emma must navigate through some of the toughest challenges she has ever faced, such as bullying and peer pressure. No longer is life simple—because who knew how complicated high school was going to be?

Entering Freshman year without Logan by her side proves to be the worst challenge of all. But as her parents keep telling her, "this is all a part of growing up"—or is it?

Emma and Logan's friendship is tested as the distance continues to grow between them. They must learn how important it is to find love within themselves; and most importantly, with each other.


The Chase is a coming of age story that captures the true nature of adolescence, young love, and everything in-between.