It's been awhile...

And that's putting it lightly!

Projects went unfinished. Deadlines flew by me. My laptop gathered a layer or two of dust (figuratively, of course), while even my TBR list grew beyond reading control. It was as though I pressed a very large pause button on all things writing. It wasn't that I didn't want to write or that I didn't want to aggressively work towards the goals I set for myself, it was more because LIFE demanded my full attention.

Not to mention, I couldn't be 100% present in my day-to-day life, while actively posting and engaging on social media like I used to.

You see, in the wake of the COVID pandemic, like most, it was a huge shock to my system. Everything stopped. It was similar to that feeling when you're sitting at home and all of a sudden the power goes off. You scramble. You make due. You hope and pray that the groceries you so happened to buy that day after work don't go bad in the fridge. And you definitely don't realize how much noise emits from every appliance running, that when they shut off, it's eerily quiet.

Roads were vacant of cars because no one could go anywhere. Stores were desolate, and the city felt like it was abandoned sans rolling tumbleweeds going by. I remember being on pins and needles believing that the "two weeks" we were told our country needed to "flatten the curve" was really all it would take. I mean, I had a wedding planned! My fiancé and I were almost to the finish line, and I couldn't fathom there being a huge chance that we would have to cancel. But then life stepped in...

On what would have been our wedding weekend (two months into the pandemic), we found out we were expecting! What a wonderful surprise!

Now, fast forward to January, 2021, and our little bundle of joy arrived and life as we knew it changed for the better. But it changed.

It wasn't until she was almost two months old that that old familiar writing itch was begging to be scratched. But I had zero time to scratch it. Eventually, I began carving out times when she was sleeping to work on my writing, leaving the laundry and dishes to pile up higher than my TBR.

Four months later, I finally finished the book that I had worked on and off on for roughly the better part of seven years. Every bump, character, plot hole I couldn't fill, finally filled on its own. It was natural. Cosmic. Destiny. It was meant to freakin' be.

So, I'm back.

Kind of.

Currently, I am querying my novel and waiting to hear back (send good vibes!)

Depending on creative direction, I have a lot planned around this series. It's going to be big. It's going to be exciting. It's everything I wish I had during some of my most challenging dating times. Yes, that's right, dating.