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Timelines, Fairy Tales & George Clooney (Behind-the-Chapters Sneak Peek)

Why does being single feel like the end of the world? As though not having a "plus one" somehow makes you an inferior being. No one, but you, makes up your definition. So, why is " Are you seeing someone?" one of the first questions people ask:? Why is it that important? However, nothing's worse than having to RSVP to a wedding without being able to check off that little box, announcing that you are not attending alone. Yes, Mary, I'm coming to your wedding alone. Why did I check off two dinners? Well, because it's hard out here, Mary. Sometimes, a girl needs an extra steak (and cake).

I once looked for love everywhere (and I mean everywhere). Every face and place was a chance for me to try and unearth the proverbial "One." But even when I wasn't looking, I was still bombarded with reminders of what could have been, should have been, and what I convinced myself I needed again. I hyper-focused on couples because it became this desperate need, festering in every dark corner of my mind, wanting to be seen and heard. It wouldn't shut up. You're single, Danielle! You have no one, Danielle! Why can't you find someone, Danielle?! SHUT UP ALREADY!

So, with thoughts like those, we obsess. We want to find love again so much that we look for it at every turn. And when we feel as though we may be close, we do whatever we can to make it happen. We make concessions for it. We compromise for it. And we sacrifice everything we can in the hopes that it lives up to the pretty picture we painted of it in our minds.

Why is that?

Release date is Monday, June 27th! With a bonus episode, releasing Friday, July 1st!

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