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What ifs & Other Bullsh#t (Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek)

Friday, April 15th, Kindle Vella will be releasing behind-the-scenes content for Stupid Love fans. Get more insight into each chapter with never-before-seen content, blog inspiration, and all the details that couldn't make the book.

Here is a sneak peek:

Behind the Chapters: What If’s and Other Bullsh#t

As this book is loosely inspired by actual events (and only I know what is fact versus fiction), I had a difficult time figuring out exactly where I wanted the story to begin. I could have started at the point of the original breakup with “Mike,” but every time I did that, I went down a rabbit hole where I was writing about my past while having a hard time progressing the plot from there. So, to satisfy my creative need to get that part of the story out, I knew that I would revisit that truth in flashbacks in subsequent books or utilize it in another work of fiction.

November 2013, I was sad. I was sad because it hurt to keep opening myself up only to have someone else give me another reason to shut down. And it was so fucking hard to keep going through the same heartbreak turmoil that when I pictured how I would introduce Rachel—our MC (main character)—I wanted her to be at the same emotional point, asking the same damn thing: “Why does it have to be so fucking hard?”

In terms of vulnerability, I knew I had to expose behaviors that I have committed. For one, many of us overanalyze situations, words, body language, etc., wanting to figure out what the other person is thinking or feeling. Listen, when I decided to publish this novel, I was fully aware that love wasn’t easy. “There is no proverbial arrow that strikes you in the heart, and love just magically finds you. Love is far more complex than that.” And I couldn’t have phrased that any better.

**Read the rest of the content on Kindle Vella on April 15th!

**Content does include spoiler information. Readers are recommended to read Stupid Love before beginning the Kindle Vella chapters.

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