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A little late, but...

Better late than never, right?

These past few weeks have been jam-packed full of the expected and unexpected. As much as I went into the Kindle Vella Chapters with high hopes of maintaining a good pace with my behind-the-scenes content, life got the better of me. Not only have I been aggressively working on book #2, but time wasn't on my side. I felt like an octopus, outstretching my hands in multiple directions, causing me to lose focus.

It's hard sometimes to find balance. I struggle with this often. So, I wanted to at least reach out to let you know that the Kindle Vella Chapters are not over!

Here's what to watch out for! Dates TBD

  1. Release of book #2

  2. Audiobook for Stupid Love will be going into production later this year.

  3. Stupid Love: Behind the Chapters will resume (TBD) with an opportunity to move the content to a paperback.

Thanks for being patient!

With Love,


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